Jit Team is the strategic partner of VPS for new software development & modernization of the legacy solutions.
VPS or more specifically Verdipapirsentralen is the Norwegian Common Securities Depository (CSD). As a part of Oslo Børs (Norwegian Stock Exchange), VPS serves all the actors of the financial markets - investors, issuers, brokers, investment banks in Norway.

VPS acts as the book keeping of the entire financial market of Norway. In the systems operated by VPS, all the relevant information about investors and issuers of various types of securities. On top of these data stored and processed by VPS following the market regulations, a set of online services is being offered. Among them there is a web portal referred to as VPS Issuer Services (VIS). The initial version of a issuer portal was launched in late 90s / early 2000s and has been serving the market since then. The technology, design, data volumes and entire reality changed over the years and thus VPS decided to create a brand new web solution for the issuers. Jit Team was tasked with the full-scope development of the solution starting from business analysis, through development, testing (including test automation), deployment up to production maintenance.


The project team works from the office in Gdynia relating to the customer both remotely and frequently travelling to Oslo. As the face-to-face direct contact is very important for the success of such projects, also team members from the VPS side spend substantial time in Gdynia to work with the local team. This setup in which both parties invest time and effort to be close to each other resulted in a fast delivery of initial version of the portal which was the further extended and currently is subject to a continuous delivery process with frequent releases of new features.

The project was organized following the SCRUM framework with 2-weeks sprints. Following the technical architecture of VPS, the system was deployed on an OpenShift cluster in a modular way.


Interactions with the legacy mainframe-based core system were isolated and channelled through a clear web-services based interface and a clear, newly design database, allowing for the new system to be fully decoupled from the legacy code base.

Java, Spring
Mainframe integration
React, TypeScript

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