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Rakuten Kobo is an e-book & audiobook seller serving more than 5 million titles to customers worldwide, through their web and mobile apps as well as on their dedicated e-readers.
Jit Team worked with Kobo on developing Kobo Plus, which is a subscription based model for e-books, i.e. selling books in a model analogous to movies on Netflix or songs on Spotify.

Implementing Kobo Plus (currently available on selected markets only), required substantial changes to the entire Kobo platform, as the system was initially created to support traditional pay-per-book sales only.

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This required new mechanisms for check-out, monitoring, inter-charges for publishers, new forms of content delivery (potentially more traffic on downloads than before) etc. As the Kobo backend platform war already fairly complex, due to a massive number of integrations with local publishers on the markets that Kobo operates – the project involved also massive testing and refactoring of the base code. To improve quality, new code was created following the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach.

Jit Team was working from the office in Gdynia, very frequently relating remotely to peers in Dublin and Toronto. The team on the Jit side was composed of 10 developers / testers at peak. The tasks were mostly technical.

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The requirements were defined by Kobo or were established along the development by the team in Gdynia.

Project was following agile methodology.

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