Corporate Social Responsibility
As a fast-developing company hiring over 500 people, Jit Team takes the importance of social responsibility very seriously. We do realize how important it is to support the community to grow and progress in the best direction possible. Below, you can read about some of the CSR initiatives we are proud to be part of.

Supporting education

Our cooperation with one of the best high schools in Poland

Working with teenagers and making them passionate about modern technologies might seem to be quite a challenge. In Jit Team, we have found a great way to make high schoolers aware of how promising and fascinating IT industry is. We have already completed two projects with 3rd High School in Gdynia and the third one is due to be finalized in June 2020. The first stage of each project is to teach the students about our approach to developing software and some technologies needed for the project. The second stage is to, being assisted by Jit Team specialists, develop an application.

During the first edition of the project, a group of students developed a mobile application, which helped people to easily navigate in their school. The second project was all about developing an application, which enables the students to share postcards from the places they visit. The plan for the third project is to develop an application, which will help software development teams to introduce Agile to their projects. The cooperation with 3rd High School in Gdynia is a very special kind of partnership, since the students have an ideal opportunity to learn something extra and discover new fields of knowledge.

Our cooperation with the University of Gdańsk

Over the years, we have been involved in quite a few projects at the University of Gdańsk. Having a chance to get to know the future IT specialists and being able to guide them how to make the best career choices has been a great adventure. We conducted four editions (2014-2017) of a subject designed by Jit called JVM Internals, which taught advanced aspects of the JVM platform and Java. Approximately ninety students had a chance to learn from extremely experienced specialists. We supported student conferences and scientific associations. We are very happy to organize internships for students, who want to experience real-life work on IT projects.

Jit Team was also involved in preparing the curriculum of the new faculty called ‘Practical Informatics’ at the University of Gdańsk. Our own initiative within this faculty is a series of classes entitled Modern Applied Informatics. With such rich experience in developing software, Jit Team is able to provide the students with deep knowledge of modern technologies and rules governing the IT industry. Jit Team is organizing a series of lectures; we were put in charge of choosing suitable topics and speakers.

Our cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology

Gdańsk University of Technology is chosen by many young people aiming at a career in software development industry. Jit Team has played its part in supporting young people in their education. Software Architecture in the Age of Scalability was a series of lectures conducted by Jit Team specialists. We have supported student conferences called IT Academic Day and offered Gdańsk University of Technology students internships at Jit Team. What is more, we carried out a joint R&D project (within The National Center of Research and Development), which concerned gathering and analyzing medical data coming from electrocardiographs.

Supporting those less fortunate

Every year, just before Christmas, we support a nation-wide charity project called ‘Szlachetna Paczka’. People working on the project gather families, whose situations are more than desperate when it comes to finances, health, and living conditions. The main aim is not to temporarily make their situation better, but to give them resources to start a new chapter and look forward to a better future. Every donor helps one of the families they chose. Over the years, we have already helped six families. The organizers provide us with a list of things the family needs and then, with the help of the entire Jit community, we buy the necessary products and donate them to the family. The scale of the project is impressive and every year we are more and more eager to participate.

Supporting arts and sports

Scholarship Program for Edyta Rembała

For three years (2017-2020) we supported Edyta Rembała, who is a graduate of Gdynia Film School. Starting a career in film directing can be difficult, thus receiving monthly financial assistance from Jit Team, enabled Edyta to fully focus on her plans and ideas. Edyta directed a film entitled “Pola”, which was presented at more than thirty international film festivals all over the world and received six awards.

Judo and Fencing

We support Judo and Fencing Clubs at St John Baptist de La Salle Primary School in Gdańsk and Fencing Club at Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport financially, by providing remuneration for the trainers, covering costs of participation in camps and competitions and funding the equipment.

Eco Rescue Patrol

We are big fans of water sports and we do realize that, at times, they can pose some danger. This is why we support a very important initiative. Eco Rescue Patrol, cocreated by Morska Baza Szkoleniowa Mechelinki (Maritime Training Centre in Mechelinki), gathers people ready to patrol the waters of Gdańsk Bay and react to any alarming situation. In the season of 2020, Eco Rescue Patrol patrolled the waters of Gdańsk Bay 73 times, 11 of which were interventions. The initiative was also aimed at education and ecology. Thanks to projects such as this one, the residents, tourists visiting the region, and Jiters spending their vacation in Jit Team Summer Office can feel safe.

Supporting the battle against COVID-19 #jitteamhelps

The world has united in battling the SARS-CoV-2 virus and together, we do everything possible to stop the pandemic and go back to our normal lives. Active participation in the process of battling the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic has been extremely important to us.

Financial donations to Gdynia hospitals

April 2020, we joined an initiative gathering companies ready to help - the Jesteśmy Razem. Pomagamy foundation. The financial donations made by Jit Team were received by two Gdynia medical centres: Szpitale Pomorskie (Pomeranian Hospitals) and Uniwersyteckie Centrum Medycyny Morskiej i Tropikalnej (The Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine).

Medical equipment donation

Jiters raised the needed funds to buy four life-saving devices: two cardiac monitors and two infusion pumps. The medical equipment was donated to the Pomeranian Centre of Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk.

Supporting school-aged children

We decided to donate eighteen laptops to help the kids from Primary School in Debrzno and Primary School in Wicko. We do believe that thanks to the laptops donated by Jit team, the students enriched their knowledge and kept in touch with their teachers.

Providing materials needed for the production of face shields

In Jit, we have a few people passionate about 3D printing, who together with other 3D printers decided to start producing face shields, which were then delivered to hospitals. Jit Team provided the materials needed for the production of the face shields.

Providing a set of protective masks to each Jit Team employee

We wanted to make sure Jit Team employees and their loved ones feel safe. That’s why we delivered to their homes sets of protective masks - each Jit Team employee got five masks. It turned out to be a great initiative, because at some point everyone was obliged to wear a mask in public places.

Supporting animal shelters

Animal shelters

There are many animal shelters in our local community and we are highly appreciative of their employees and volunteers, who put extra effort to help those abandoned creatures. We have already supported two animal organizations by purchasing the needed medical supplies, food, and many more. We have also financially supported one of the local organizations.


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