Signal Ocean
Signal Ocean provides a platform responsible for data analysis for the ship management industry. Jit Team cooperated with Signal Ocean on developing the frontend layers of the platform.
The Jit Team is responsible for architecture and development of the web and mobile front-end layers for the entire platform.

The platform was originally developed to enhance data collection and analysis used to predict and facilitate the shipping processes. The two front-end layers (web and mobile) developed by Jit present and interact with complex geospatial and time series data.

Signal Ocean 1

With time, the front-end layers became more and more complex.

Thus, the Jit Team working on that project gained more people. The client’s office is situated in Athens. The Jit Team members work remotely from Gdynia. The cooperation between Greek and Polish developers turned out to be extremely successful. The person fully responsible for the front-end layers of both platforms is a Jit Team employee.

Signal Ocean 2

We are trusted enough to be allowed to make vital decisions about the functionalities of the solution and the technologies used in the implementation process.

Human factor
15 people
2 years so far
TypeScript JavaScript, .Net
iOS, Android

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