LPP is one of the biggest clothing & fashion companies in Europe, present in more than 20 countries within their network of 1700+ retail stores and international e-commerce solutions.

They operate five distinctive clothing brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, Sinsay. Such a complex retail network (which still grows) requires support from large scale IT systems, which have been co-created by Jit Team since 2013.


One of the issues related to operations of complex supply networks for retail is inventory delivery planning. As fashion nowadays operates in short product life cycles, the decision on where to send given items from the main distribution centers to specific shops is crucial. As a key partner of LPP in software architecture, development, optimization and testing Jit Team was selected to participate in the design and implementation of a custom decision support system for the stock allocation problem. The key idea for the system is to use data science and predictive analysis of the historical sales data, to estimate the “speed of sales” of given item in given store, and allocate corresponding number of items in the delivery.

Jit Team was leading the development of the front-end application used by the inventory planning and management staff at LPP. The application supports a very complex, time driven business process involving almost all of the key business departments of the company.


The development of the solution was organized along the SCRUM framework and involved design, development, testing (including test automation), training, deployment, post deployment maintenance, monitoring and further extensions.

Great success of the project motivated LPP to invest further in the development of new big, software solutions with Jit Team.

Java EE
Systems integration
Test automation

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