Rolls-Royce is most well known as the luxury automobile brand. Yet, the company is very different than that.
Nowadays Rolls-Royce produces advanced engineering solutions including high quality engines for the air, sea and cosmic space transportation.

Such advanced technical products serving the world at the highest levels of criticality require sophisticated IT solutions. Expert project managers and architects from Jit Team work with Rolls-Royce teams within a distributed, remote work organization delivering top quality services.

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Design, production and validation of the complex engineering products delivered by Rolls-Royce requires participation of multiple vendors, suppliers, partners, contractors and regulatory bodies around the globe.

At each step of the process IT plays its important role, with security and high availability of the systems standing out as the key requirements. Jit Team provides a group of selected experts in technical architecture of IT infrastructure, business analysis and project management. Each of the members of this group acts independently as a domain leader within the structure of Rolls-Royce, frequently traveling as well as remotely relating to their peers in Europe, Asia and America.

Projects at Rolls-Royce provide the highest levels of responsibilities and interdisciplinary challenges for the top-performing and experienced individuals from Jit Team.

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High recruitment and staffing capabilities of Jit Team allowed to build and maintain a close relationship with Rolls-Royce.

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