Jeppesen (A Boeing Company) is famous for providing charts used by pilots and mariners around the globe.
Their history started in 1934 and for decades was based on designing and printing paper charts and maps which were often called “Jepps” by the loyal users.

Obviously, at some point paper was being replaced by electronic means – maps based on mobile or integrated computers. Jit Team works with Jeppesen on various projects providing the pilots with up-to-date maps, which are accurate and constantly available.

Jeppesen 1

One of the challenges with the electronic air maps, which are offline (stored on in-place devices) relates to updating. Such maps are regularly updated by local authorities around the world to take into account different types of risks and dangers (like war zones). This results in a new set of maps being made available at least every 3-4 weeks. These updates are processed by a set of legacy data analysis platforms by Jeppesen and can be delivered in different data formats.

Jit Team designed and developed a custom ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) class solutions for Jeppesen for processing navigational data. The outcome of this ETL solution is a minimal in terms of size update package (so-called delta update), which is then sent to the devices in planes and to mobile devices operated by pilots. The solution was heavily tested by the QA team at Jeppesen to meet the highest level of quality standards. Moreover, the solution was expected to meet strict performance requirements. In both areas of testing the resulting solutions exceeded the initial requirements.

Jeppesen 2

The entire code base is covered with detailed automated tests and the performance is phenomenal reducing the processing time from hours to seconds compared with the previously used system.

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