What's new with the Team?
February 2021
Modern Applied Informatics
We are very glad to be able to cooperate with the academic community. Yet again, we had a chance to build the curriculum of the subject called Modern Applied Informatics at the university of Gdańsk. We invited many IT specialists to join the project and prepare lectures and workshops for the students.
August 2020
10 years of Jit Team
The year 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of founding Jit. Those many years of development and growth have made us who we are. We decided to gather all the important events and milestones. Enjoy reading through many stories to learn more about our history: https://jit.team/anniversary
June 2020
Jit Webinars
We have always been eager not only to develop our expertise in software development, but also to share our knowledge and experience with others. We have already organized four editions of Jit Webinars and there are more to come! Hungry for knowledge? Visit our YouTube channel to watch presentations on various topics.
April 2020
Protective masks
The safety of all Jit Team employees is our major priority. We decided to deliver a set of protective masks to each employee, even before the government recommendations to cover one’s mouth and nose. Before Easter, the masks were delivered to our employees’ homes to avoid any risk of infection with the SARS-Cov-2 virus.
March 2020
We have been doing our best to help battle the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Jit Team delivered laptops to a Pomeranian primary school. We are part of an initiative gathering companies ready to help in those hard time and the sum of money we donated will support Gdynia hospitals. We also provide materials needed to produce face shields using 3D printers. See more: our Facebook page.
March 2020
Remote work - SARS-CoV-2
To ensure Jit Team employees are safe and in response to the government recommendations concerning the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we started working remotely. Our development teams are ready to continue delivering high quality services to our clients. We have the necessary tools and procedures to continually support our clients and employees, especially in those unusual circumstances.
January 2020
Forbes Diamonds 2020
Constant development of Jit is our motto, which every day motivates us to reach for more. Thanks to our efforts, today we can announce, that we have been recognized by Forbes Diamonds 2020 ranking. This means, that we are, as independent research shows, among the fastest-growing companies in Poland, which are considered to be solid and reliable business partners. See more: Forbes Website.
November 2019
Chief Technology Officer
Witold Bołt, who has been taking active part in the constant development of Jit for over seven years, has become the third member of the Board. Witek is going to take the role of Chief Technology Officer and his responsibilities will include contact with the clients, sales activities, internal development initiatives and designing the strategy for further development of Jit.
September 2019
HR Wave
HR Wave was the first conference organized by our colleagues, Traffit. We enjoyed a day full of HR knowledge. Congrats, Traffit, on such a well-organized and thought-through conference. We hope there are many more editions of this great event to look forward to.
August 2019
Jit Talks
Jit Teams work with different technologies for various clients. The best way to exchange experiences and ensure the correct flow of knowledge is to meet regularly and listen to presentations prepared by Jiters for Jiters. The first edition of Jit Talks turned out to be a great success.
August 2019
Gdynia Business Week
Gdynia Business Week is a program, whose main aim is to gather young and ambitious people and teach them how to start a business. Two Jit representatives were asked to join the team of judges. We listened to comprehensive presentations and impressive business plans. The level of creativity exceeded our expectations!
June 2019
NDC Oslo
Visiting our clients in Oslo has become the norm for us. This, however, was the first time we attended and partnered a conference in Norway. NDC Conference was a new experience which gave us a broader perspective on technical and business aspects of the industry we operate in. We introduced The Human Factor of IT to many Norwegian companies and, possibly, future business partners.
May 2019
infoShare 2019
InfoShare is the biggest tech conference in the CEE region. This year, infoShare had even more stages and inspiring talks worth listening to. One of them was the talk by Szymon Komorowski, Jit Mobile Architect. His presentation entitled ‘Creativity as a Service’ was comprehensive and inspiring. Learn more about the presentation by Szymon by visiting our Medium profile, where you can read a series of publications on the three projects Szymon talked about.
April 2019
Excellent Speakers
We have many good speakers in Jit, but in April 2019 two of them were more than good, they were magnificent. Grzegorz Witczak shared his knowledge on using JVM and made the entire concept of ‘JVM - the magical creature’ more approachable https://vimeo.com/331074338. Tomasz Klepacki talked about Headless Browser Testing viewed in the context of efficiency. Both talks took place at Tech.3camp. We are very keen on taking part in meetups and conferences at which we can share our knowledge and experience.
March 2019
HR in IT
This was the topic of presentation and discussion organized by PPNT in Gdynia.
HR Manager in Jit Team, Magdalena Plewa, took part in the discussion and shared her knowledge on best practices, but also on most common challenges, in recruiting IT specialists.
February 2019
Inżynierskie Targi Pracy
The very famous Gdańsk University of Technology, once a year, organizes a job fair for future engineers. It is our tradition to take part at this event and present our approach and values to young people, who are just about to enter the complex market of IT jobs. Again this year, we did our best to make people realize that the most important factor is the human factor.
November 2018
Let’s Fly away with SAS
This year, passengers flying with SAS airlines have had many chances to get to know Jit! We decided to advertise our skills in the inflight magazine. It is safe to say, that we’ ve been travelling on business basically non-stop for the past few months.
July 2018
New office in Warsaw
We are totally in love with our new office space in Warsaw. This place will be a witness to many tremendous projects, we are sure of that!
June 2018
3LO Project
Teenagers in the world of IT - what could be the outcome of such a mixture? Something fresh and creative, of course! Read more about our cooperation with one of the best high schools in Poland. https://bit.ly/2KCccqd
May 2018
InfoShare 2018 – two very intense days, full of knowledge-sharing and networking. The lecture by Witek and Łukasz, our Jit stars, turned out to be a great success. Thank you, guys, for sharing your priceless knowledge on how to deal with legacy software. InfoShare, see you next year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxnEphlf8TI

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